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Jack Foster. pdf.pdf
This collection contains an 1883 letter written by Jack Foster, a formerly enslaved person who served as a body servant in the 36th Virginia Infantry during the Civil War. Foster writes to former Confederate General John McCausland, one-time…

The 1913 diary of formerly enslaved person Jeffrey T. Wilson. Entries were kept in a Wanamaker's Diary (produced by the department store chain) actually designed for 1911. As a result, Wilson has hand-corrected the days of the week throughout to…

ASERL UNCG DLAS Item 3 small.tif
A bill of sale from Burke County for a "a certain negro woman slave named Sarah about twenty years old" believed to be Sarah Gudger. Handwritten ink on paper in bound deed book.

Image on page 44 of a promotional booklet for the Saint Philip School of Nursing highlighting their commencement ceremony.

All-Negro Comics - Cover-Web.jpg
The 48-page comic book was published in 1947 and features characters such as police detective Ace Harlem and Lion Man, a college-educated scientist and superhero. It was the first comic book written and drawn solely by African American writers and…

Communist Revolution - 1.pdf
Multi-page flyer outlining the reasons why white Democrats and Republicans of the Commonwealth of Virginia should unite and vote for White Constitutional Candidate, George Lincoln Rockwell. Rockwell, the founder and head of the American Nazi Party,…

Excerpt from Anne Spencer 1936 notebook summing up life for African-Americans during the segregation era. Notebook, brown binding, no pagination.

Pamphlet published by a Howard University professor arguing for the value of higher education for African Americans and the need to make it an aim of philanthropy.

Booker T. Washington autograph note: “I ask only an equal
chance in the world for the Negro.” / Booker T. Washington /
Tuskegee, Alabama / April 9, 1902.

ASERL UNCG DLAS Item 1 small.tif
Petition to the General Assembly of the State of North Carolina dating to 1830, in which 87 slave-holding residents of Sampson, Bladen, New Hanover, and Duplin County appeal to the courts for greater enforcement against runaways, noting among other…
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