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Acrostic poems to Mary McClean and Sophia Alexander (ca. 1854) by George Moses Horton, slave-poet of Chatham County, N.C. These were commissioned by Torrance while a student at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.

James Chamberlain account.jpg
Doctor’s account for vaccination of slaves attached to court deposition dated 29 October 1836. Account is holographic on white paper and deposition is printed on
white paper with black print and holographic additions.

A two page letter from Lewis Wood to his wife detailing an experience he had at a slave auction.

15889 Negroes at Work on Plantation.JPG
Enslaved people working in a field, possibly Edisto Island, S.C. instead of Tybee Island. Taken during the Union occupation of the South Carolina Sea Islands.

Handwritten advertisement for a fugitive enslaved woman named Dolly, 10 April 1863. The advertisement sent to the Charleston Police Station by Louis Manigault (1828-1899), describes Dolly as "thirty years of age, of small size, light complexion,…

Carte-de-visite of Molly, enslaved woman belonging to Mary Boykin Chesnut of South Carolina. After the war, Molly remained with Chesnut and used her egg

plantation scene 1.pdf
Slave quarters on a plantation near Charleston, S.C. in 1860; stereograph No. 24. Original photograph probably taken by Osborn & Durbec, Charleston, S.C.

Three manuscript pages of two sharecropping contracts signed by the Winthrops and the contracted individuals with an X over their names. These contracts contain the terms of the annual rent for land such as acreage to be farmed, payment, and type of…

A small notebook with Geo. Whitfield printed on the first page followed by manuscript entries. The notebook documents the financial transactions of Geo. Whitfield around Tallahassee, Florida, including his business transactions regarding slaves he…

The 1911 Day Book from R.F. Van Brunt’s store in the Iamonia Community and two contracts found in a 1911 store ledger. The Day Book documents the quotidian financial transactions of the store and its customers, many of whom sharecropped on Van…
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