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Eight-page folio publication with tables showing the valuations of lands, houses, and slaves per county, as required by acts of Congress

National Intelligencer p. 4.pdf
This issue of the National Intelligencer re-printed letters from the Navy that described the American attack on the Negro Fort at Prospect Bluff on July 27, 1816.

Cover page of a volume of published correspondence between Jean Pierre Boyer, the president of Haiti, and Loring Dewey, the president of the American Colonization Society, discussing emigration of African Americans to Haiti.

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Pamphlet reproducing the text of a speech given by Frederick Douglass in Baltimore in 1864.

Page one of volume one of the Emancipator, printed in Jonesborough, Tennessee, in 1820. This image comes from the 1932 reprint by B. H. Murphy.

Material comes from folder titled "Desegregation, 1966," and contains information and resources for school desegregation. The publication "Guidelines for School Desegregation" was from the Equal Education Opportunities Program of the Office of…

Photograph of Sarah Gudger taken between 1936 and 1938 on the occasion of her interview for the WPA Slave Narrative Project.

Digitized from the 10-inch, 78rpm disc released as Columbia A2803, Matrix 46131.

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3 images from plat book of Greater Miami, Florida, and suburbs.
This 1925 Plat book of Greater Miami, Florida and suburbs details the sections of Miami and suburbs which were clearly delineated as racially restricted to the “colored” races. The…

The photograph shows runaway slaves living as refugees at Camp Nelson during the Civil War. Several men in the photograph are in uniform. Camp Nelson in Jessamine County, Kentucky, was a Union supply base and training center during the Civil War.…
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