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The 1911 Day Book from R.F. Van Brunt’s store in the Iamonia Community and two contracts found in a 1911 store ledger. The Day Book documents the quotidian financial transactions of the store and its customers, many of whom sharecropped on Van…

A small notebook with Geo. Whitfield printed on the first page followed by manuscript entries. The notebook documents the financial transactions of Geo. Whitfield around Tallahassee, Florida, including his business transactions regarding slaves he…

Three manuscript pages of two sharecropping contracts signed by the Winthrops and the contracted individuals with an X over their names. These contracts contain the terms of the annual rent for land such as acreage to be farmed, payment, and type of…

Three leaves. Insurance policy on the life of Margaret, an enslaved 14-year-old person, taken out by A. W. Lewis of Augusta, Georgia, in 1858. Receipts show renewals in 1862, 1864, and 1865.

Convicts breaking rock, at unidentified location in Georgia, 1934.

Convicts in prison uniforms at hard labor, tilling a field, at a prison work farm near Dallas, Georgia, circa 1940.

Convicts leased from Fulton County provided free labor to the public improvement projects on Historic Grant Field the oldest...

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Eight-page folio publication with tables showing the valuations of lands, houses, and slaves per county, as required by acts of Congress

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Report on the Maryland State Colonization Society's establishment of a settlement in Liberia, with two fold-out maps.

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Pamphlet reproducing the text of a speech given by Frederick Douglass in Baltimore in 1864.
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