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Written request for a passport

Photo of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., meeting with Virginia State University administrators, faculty and students

Fugitive Slave Law lithograph.jpg
A satirical cartoon regarding the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850. This group scene playing out in front of the Temple of Liberty pits Northern abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison against Secretary of State Daniel Webster, who supported the act. Other…

Indenture agreement between Angus McQueen and Ellen

Bill of sale from Savannah, Georgia for the purchase of two enslaved people, Ellen and her child, Caroline

Deed transferring Fort Hill farm from Floride Calhoun and Cornelia M. Calhoun to Andrew P. Calhoun including a schedule of the slaves with their names and ages.

Mss002_Box5_Folder7_Sharecropper_1871 (1).pdf
Agreement between Thomas Green Clemson and sharecroppers working the land at Fort Hill. Most of the sharecroppers were former enslaved persons.
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